Many of our achievements won the industry’s acclaim in 2015 (including prizes such as the award for the best retail project worldwide in respect of the Les 4 Temps project – UNIBAIL RODAMCO, and the KREA grand prix for the FALCON 8X launch – LEMONCHIK/LINK), an honour which has inspired us to work on numerous projects driven solely by our quest for quality, elegance and daring.

Projects where our digital expertise, scenographic ideas, involvement in sound, lighting and visuals, as well as our ‘scenic’ perspective, are all highly appreciated.


All GIGLAM | G – the imagineers projects include, amongst many other things, imagining, creating and designing as part of a determined, daring, and thorough process that always remains fully connected to the engineering involved.

Our preliminary sketches, designs and ideas take into account the data, constraints, obligations and technical requirements of the project’s visual, sound, lighting, machinery, structural and site-specific aspects.

We absolutely love a challenge and there’s nothing we like better than meeting a challenge by taking actively dynamic, yet responsible, risks.

We offer a new kind of creativity, one that’s properly managed and closely entwined with the latest developments in terms of delivery deadlines, environmental considerations, social commitment, safety and security.

+ - Our 6 areas of expertise

Our 6 keys, complementary and prioritised areas of expertise of GIGLAM | G – the imagineers :
– Scenography
– Ideas
– Stage Design
– Technical Management
– Led Player
– Digital Expert
ensure that GIGLAM | G – the imagineers is a company on a permanent quest for new directions, new challenges and new worlds.

+ - Our customers

The events agencies and major accounts  :
Adr Prod., Manifestory, Link, Lemonchik, Tf1, M6, Dassault , Potel & Chabot…

Leaders in the clubbing and festival sector :
Les Plus Grands Clubs Et Dj D’ibiza, Luciano, Le Queen, Le Mix, Electrobeach, Weather, Concrete, Pacha Marrakech…

Industry, and professionals in the fields of RETAIL / DIGITAL SIGNAGE :
Unibail Rodamco, Klepierre, Media Regie Europes, Ratp, Sncf, Aelia …

+ - Scenic perspectives

With over 600 projects every year, GIGLAM | G – the imagineers can draw on a wealth of solid, integrated experience and in-depth knowledge of the scene, be it corporate, rock or electronic.

Our “scenic” perspective on a project is an integral part of all the areas in which we operate :
– Live, Event
– Clubbing, Festival
– Retail, Digital Signage.