Alive | Energetic | Passionate | Fresh and Buzzing!

GIGLAM | G – the imagineers: a Pure Player in the knowledge, thought processes and energies surrounding and serving the:

– Live, Event
– Clubbing, Festival
– Retail, Digital Signage

GIGLAM | G – the imagineers, résolument partenaire/prestataire 2017 : Connecté, évolué, évolutif, ancré aux nouvelles analyses, méthodes, respects et processus actuels de nos industries.

Committed to 2015, as both a partner and a provider – Connected, evolved and evolving, firmly rooted in the new analyses, new methods, new ethics and new processes that define the industries of today.

GIGLAM | G & the imagineers is underpinned by an integrated research and design office with a wealth of solid knowledge and expertise gained through a whole range of various experiences including numerous case studies, ambitious projects and real-time, real-life learning opportunities. Between us we have over 25 years of experience in shows, tours, events and design, which means we can offer specialist support to all sorts of projects. Our 6 fields of expertise are regularly called upon by agencies, advertisers, productions, performers and major groups all over the world. Every year we take part in over 30 active project units and around 400 different activities.